Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This is a little project that I came up with a few weeks ago, and I'm finally putting it into action (though it won't fully be put into action until the next entry).

Basically, the idea is this: this blog will be a catchall for any western stories that my friends and I want to write. The stories can be in any format or medium - song, comic, short story, whatever - and perhaps more importantly, they can be any genre.

I know what you're thinking. "How can they be any genre? They're supposed to be westerns, right?" Well, yes and no. They're westerns in the sense that they take place in the US Frontier from roughly 1835 to 1900 or so. But as for actual story content, they can be horror, detective, comedy, romance, you name it. The first story on the docket is a caper tale, for lack of a better word, and another one in line is a time travel story. It's all up to the writer.

So enjoy the upcoming collection, and feel free to submit your own stories. (But take note that sending your story doesn't guarantee that it'll be posted.)